November 14, 2016

Being a Giantess!

I am 12 feet tall and I love taking men that are like 5 feet tall and doing filthy things. I would have them to fist my tight ass while eating my wet pussy and then I would take him and put him back in his cage! This tiny human is my pet, I treat him as such and you don’t want to know what he gets if is in trouble! So it’s better for him to just be the obedient little dog that he is! But currently, I am inthe mood to look for maybe 2 more tiny little men. Do you know of any? OH, so you’re telling me that you’re in fact a tiny man yourself are you? Wonderful now do you know of any friends that are maybe a tad bittaller? Really good now I want you to tell me how big your cock is? Hahahaha you are proud of that?? 10 inches? Really do you think that tiny thing can please me? How funny is that? Now how about your friends is it bigger than yours?  or smaller? Good and now tell me would you like to come have fun with me? Sure you do now […]
September 24, 2016

Shrinking Phone Sex Dream!

Last night I had the most wonderful shrinking phone sex dream! I was out at a giantess club, and all the men were so tiny. It was so fun, with all the other giantesses, teasing the crown of tiny men beneath us, it was so hot! I picked one of them up and took him home with me. If he was regular size, he would be able to manhandle me but not today, I was bigger than him and I was in charge. I took all my clothes off and had him suck on my giantess nipples with his tiny mouth, he had to stretch his mouth so wide just to suck on them. I then had him crawl down my body to my giantess pussy and had him rub and suck my clit. It made me so wet, I swear he could have drowned. When I woke up, I was so horny for my shrinking man fetish! XOXO Candy 888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex Lady 😉 #phonesex #shrinkingfetish #giantesspussyworship
September 11, 2016

My Jealous Boyfriend

So I invited my boyfriend over for a surprise, you see he is the jealous type, but I want to sleep with other men, so I came up with an idea that he wouldn’t have any control over! You see I have this pill that if he takes it, it would shrink him down to 6 inches and then I would slide him inside of my sweet wet pussy and not tell him where we would be going. Then I would walk over to my new fuck boys house and take him out and sit him on the other guy’s cock as I gave him a Blowjob, and my boyfriend would be completely helpless and he would be completely hurt and ask me why I am doing this to him! At this point, I’d tell him it is because he is not a man and he doesn’t please me! But I want him too! So he just has to deal with me fucking other guys and staying with him! And that he will be permanently 6 inches for the rest of his life. Call me for some Giantess phone sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone […]
September 19, 2015

Multiple Toy Boys

Mmmm this week I have been especially horny and decided to shrink every man led here by my magical siren song. I had a collection of 5 locked away this morning and have been soaking my panties thinking about the fun I would have tonight. Mmm how many of my cock sized men would I play with tonight? One playing with each of my nipples, one rubbing my clit with both hands, one being stuck in my ass, just his head sticking out and, of course, one being used as a dildo in my drenched pussy. That would use all 5 and it would be great fun. Being a magical giantess is so very much fun. I will orgasm half a dozen times tonight. I’ll even let the two playing with my nipples to cum all over my titties. hmm maybe next time I should shrink more and let them all give me a pearl necklace. oh yes a neck full of warm creamy cum. -Lizabeth  888-430-2010
September 17, 2015

Shrinking With Big Red

I remember the first time I became a giantess just like it was yesterday. At first I only started with my boyfriend. One day i shrunk him with a potion one gypsy gave me and I had been using him as my toy ever since. But then I realized that using him was fun and all, but some part of me craved even more. I looked at the 5 gallon fish tank i got him and I realized it looked a little empty with just one tiny little man in there. So that’s when i decided my boyfriend needed some company. I went to the bar that night and saw two drunk losers giving me that lustful look that all men do and i started to work my charm. Next thing i know i have these clueless drunks in my car driving back to my house thinking they’re going to get lucky. But little do they know the beers I just handed them has a little bit of potion in it. Soon they’re going to be sitting behind a glass wall with my boyfriend completely at my mercy. I just love shrinking men. Ava 888 430-2010 888 430-2010  
September 17, 2015

Giantess Crissy

My boyfriend is such a bossy asshole. He frustrates me so much! Well I’m not going to put up with his bullshit for any longer. He thinks he can just boss me around like I’m some sort of property he owns and can command any time he sees fit. Well today that changes. This is my fetish phone sex story. You see growing up I had an aunt who loved to mix herbs and spices together to make potions for herself and people who needed them. Well recently she told me about an experimental potion she just put together. This potion is supposed to enlarge anything it comes in contact with. So far all she’s used it on has been her vegetable garden. She say’s she doesn’t know how it would affect a human but I could always try it out if I wanted to. So that’s exactly what I did! As soon as I put a drop of it on my tongue I could feel my whole body start to tingle. Before I knew what was happening I could feel myself growing! The ground began to look farther and farther away from me as I started to tower over […]
September 13, 2015

My Cock Size Toy Boy

You would think my cravings would decrease at some point but it only grows stronger and stronger the closer to the full moon it gets.  I am witchy woman with a sexual appetite that always has me on the hunt. I love being a giantess. I just freed my last conquest, returning him to his dull normal size. mmm this time I think I need a bit of a larger toy. I must seek out a large cocked man. mmm I’m getting wet just thinking about pushing him fully into me again and again. My ass is craving attention as well. Fingers and cocks are nice, but nothing to compare  with having the whole man inside me. Little hands searching, little feet kicking. Mmmm I’m getting wetter and wetter. Yes, I need a man I can shrink. I’ll cast my spell to bring men to me. I’ll have my pick and they’ll never know why they were drawn to me. Their cocks will be hard, though, when I answer the door in the nude. I’ll please the one I choose a bit first, of course. Then- he will be shrunk and all mine. mmm yes- come to me. -Liz 888-938-7382
September 7, 2015

Fantasy Becomes Reality Part Two

Once the mysterious man had fallen asleep, I couldn’t help but bite my lip and think of the fun that I had planned when we finally made it to my home. My giantess fantasies were finally going to come true; sitting in the car next to me was a cute little shrunken man who was soon going to become my favorite toy. I carried him in my arms from the car to my bed with his tiny head resting on my huge tits, then I set him down and went to get everything we’d need for our exciting night together. Once I had everything within reach of the bed, I crawled over the little man in my bed and I carefully shook him awake. He woke up screaming, seeing the woman who had seduced him so cautiously the night before towering over him. I put a finger to my lips and then laid back on the bed, spreading my legs and pulling his face to my tight pussy.  This is going to be fun.. – Brittney 888-938-7382
September 6, 2015

Giantess Revenge

Today is the day when I finally get to have some fun! The elixir I ordered from the herbalist has finally came in the mail and I’m a little too eager to use it. This elixir isn’t your average dose of herbs. It is a very complicated mixture of chemicals that actually causes shrinking of the body’s bones and organs. So you’re probably wondering, what could I possibly want to do with this? Well I can tell you it’s not for me, it’s for my poor excuse of a boyfriend. He thinks he’s such a badass because he’s 6’4 and buff. He’s always bitching at me and bossing me around. “Ava do this, Ava get me that.” Like I’m some sort of slave or something. Well he has a surprise coming for him today. The moment he plops his ass on that recliner and asks me to get him a beer you bet it will be his last. I’m going to slip it into the beer and in about 10 mins I’ll have me a new toy to play around with. I might just drop him into the lizard tank we have. He’ll be so small our lizard will probably […]
September 4, 2015

Hunting in the Night

Sometimes I must stalk my tiny prey. I am a giantess and occasional a tiny man will slip away. Well, I love it when they escape during the full moon. The moon strengthens my power and makes me more horny than normal. My senses are attuned to my cock sized men. I will catch you and do wonderfully horrible things with you. You’ve run to the water to try and escape me, but I am not bloodhound to be fooled by water scent. I am a wanton magical giantess and will find you. Did you not like being my dildo? Did you not like riding between my breasts? Was it the fact that I kept you in my panties when I went out? Why did you run, little man? I had so much more planned. You can run and you can hide, but I always find my prey. Only I can restore you to your proper size. Just enjoy our time together- I do. Magical Lizabeth 888-430-2010
August 31, 2015

Escape attempt!

When she woke from a night of restless sleep, Rachel sighed to herself and made her way to the bathroom, past the dollhouse where she kept Fred. She didn’t look at his house because he was always there: her obedient and always fun little man. Since the day she scooped him up from the beach, she had fed him and treated him with the utmost care and affection. What she didn’t notice this morning, though, was that the door to Fred’s dollhouse was wide open, and the house silent. Rachel went to the mirror in her bathroom and examined herself. Her giantess breasts were exposed, her hair was messy, and she made a face as she realized her breath was awful. She absent-mindedly reached for her toothbrush. When she wrapped her fingers around the brush, though, it was squishy and let out a small cry of, “Ouch!” Looking down, she saw that she had inadvertently captured Fred in the middle of his escape attempt! She. Was. Mad. Rachel fumed with rage while holding the eight-inch man. Rather than simply tossing him back in his house, though, she smiled and reached for the toothpaste. She squirted a healthy dollop on Fred’s […]
August 31, 2015

Fantasy Becomes Reality Part One

I’ve always loved the idea of becoming a giantess; of having complete control over someone and being able to decide whether I keep them to play with or crush them under my huge ass.. So last night, I went to the club wearing my sexiest red dress and heels, hoping to find someone interesting to spend my night with. As the night went on, I noticed one man in particular who seemed to stay away from the crowded dance floor. After a little while, I decided to go and introduce myself to him. I ran my fingers through my hair to make sure it looked just right and headed over, confident that I’d be able to bring him home with me. We talked for a little while, his eyes kept darting to my six inch heels and my soft, red lips and that’s how I knew I had found my new toy. I excused myself and walked over to the bar to buy him a drink; he was in for a.. lets say, huge surprise when he woke up. As his eyes began to close, I couldn’t help but grin at the thought of seeing this man become my tiny slave. What happens next? You’ll […]
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