August 8, 2015

Giantess Phone Sex With Ms. Ava

C’mere little man. Yes you, and I mean little man. Have you looked in the mirror since you woke up? Stop rubbing your eyes, its not an illusion, yes, I’m a giantess and you are going to be my little play toy to use and abuse in any way I see fit! You see while you were sleeping I shrunk you down to the size of a Ken doll, but trust me I’m no Barbie. I’m Ms Ava and I love nothing more then to tower over little pests like you and stomp you under my heels like a bug. Before I squash you like a fly I plan on using you like a sex toy. That’s right you’re about the size of a 6 inch dildo and you will fit in my tight pussy and ass just fine. Aww are you scared? Well you should be you little weasel. Now get ready to be used as a butt plug, dildo and even my tampon!! I’m Ms. Ava the giantess mistress of your dreams. Don’t believe me? Call me for the best giantess phone sex of your life!
July 22, 2015

Giantess Candy

Do you really think you can hide from me? Just because you had been shrunk down to the size of a little 5 inch vibrator, and I’m a giantess 20 times your size, don’t think you can outsmart me and crawl in to tiny spaces and hide from me. I will find you, and you will be mine to do whatever I please. You will be used for my entertainment and pleasure, before I ultimately SQUASH you under my bare feet…..Oh what fun I will have dangling you over the toilet as I flush and drop you in, then pull you out just in the nick of time! If the sound of the toilet freaks you out, imagine what you will do when you hear the vacuum, or even worse the garbage disposal go off. Hahahahaha poor itty bitty little man, you are defenseless against me, but yet you need me to survive. I suggest you be a good little shrunken man and obey my every wish. Remember I did say you were the size of a dildo…hmm I’m imagining about all the things I could do with you to pleasure myself, now lets take those clothes off and lube […]
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