Fantasy Becomes Reality Part One
August 31, 2015
Hunting in the Night
September 4, 2015

When she woke from a night of restless sleep, Rachel sighed to herself and made her way to the bathroom, past the dollhouse where she kept Fred. She didn’t look at his house because he was always there: her obedient and always fun little man. Since the day she scooped him up from the beach, she had fed him and treated him with the utmost care and affection. What she didn’t notice this morning, though, was that the door to Fred’s dollhouse was wide open, and the house silent.


Rachel went to the mirror in her bathroom and examined herself. Her giantess breasts were exposed, her hair was messy, and she made a face as she realized her breath was awful. She absent-mindedly reached for her toothbrush. When she wrapped her fingers around the brush, though, it was squishy and let out a small cry of, “Ouch!” Looking down, she saw that she had inadvertently captured Fred in the middle of his escape attempt!

She. Was. Mad.

Rachel fumed with rage while holding the eight-inch man. Rather than simply tossing him back in his house, though, she smiled and reached for the toothpaste. She squirted a healthy dollop on Fred’s head and grinned down at him as she moved him toward her mouth. He screamed and squealed as she gently put him in her mouth, rubbing his head and arms along her teeth and giant, salivating tongue. She brushed gently with strokes moving up and down along each of her oversized teeth, then pulled him out to find that he was positively covered in toothpaste and spit, and wearing a stupidly large grin…

Be Rachel’s tiny man: 1*888*430*2010



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