How You Became My Sex Toy
January 24, 2022
A Big Dirty Mess
May 29, 2022




Taboo phone sex?  More like no taboo… I like it all and I want it all!  That includes, you as my own personal sex toy.  The perfect toy in fact.  You can fit anywhere I want and with you moving and wiggling around, it makes me even wetter and more excited.  I just love being a giantess and using you to fuck myself.

You fit perfectly between my big perky breasts, I can slide you between them and then squeeze them around you as you slide your body up and down.  I want to feel that hard little dick of yours pressing into my flesh between my tits.  I’ll have you use your cock and tongue to play with my hard nipples.

And those times I need to satisfy my diaper fetish, I use your little body to slide inside my diaper and rub my clit.  Oh my, do I have some diaper stories for you.  How I like to use others to get myself off, how that little, tiny mouth sucking on my clit causes my pussy to gush.  How when I lean back and open my legs, moving my diaper to the side, you can literally dive right into my muff.

There are lots of abdl stories that include having sexy fun with a giantess such as myself.  And with a little one, such as yourself, I can have so much fun.  Shoving and stuffing you into all my openings.  My pussy and asshole being filled with your squirming body, using all of you to fuck my holes nice and good.

Then licking and sucking you clean of my pussy juices after I squirt all over you.  And of course, that tiny little cock in my mouth will get a very thorough cleaning and if you’re lucky I will let you explode down my throat.  Sucking you empty, till your toes curl and your ball sack shrivels up.

For the ultimate body fucking, a giantess is perfect.  Your whole body, from head to toe will get used and will be soaked by the time I am done with you.  You will be covered in my cum and dripping for days.  You will have pussy juices oozing from your ears and all other orifices.  Your hair will be saturated with my slime.  You will be my own personal fuck toy, to use anytime I want as often as I want.

And you will enjoy every minute of it.  So, don’t hesitate a moment longer.  Pick up that phone and call now, for the most intense pleasure you have ever experienced.  And you can add this to your own collection of abdl stories.  A memory that will last a lifetime.  Every time you think about our call, your cock will get hard and start throbbing.

You will be walking around with a hard-on all the time.  And it won’t take much imagination to make that cock cum over and over as you relive our fun.  Remembering being my perfect little fuck toy!

Giantess Sex


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