Escape attempt!
August 31, 2015
Fantasy and Fetish Phone Sex
September 6, 2015

Sometimes I must stalk my tiny prey. I am a giantess and occasional a tiny man will slip away. Well, I love it when they escape during the full moon. The moon strengthens my power and makes me more horny than normal.

My senses are attuned to my cock sized men. I will catch you and do wonderfully horrible things with you. You’ve run to the water to try and escape me, but I am not bloodhound to be fooled by water scent. I am a wanton magical giantess and will find you.

Did you not like being my dildo? Did you not like riding between my breasts? Was it the fact that I kept you in my panties when I went out? Why did you run, little man? I had so much more planned. You can run and you can hide, but I always find my prey. Only I can restore you to your proper size. Just enjoy our time together- I do.

Magical Lizabeth 888-430-2010mommy-liz

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