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November 9, 2016
Giantess Phone Sex!
November 14, 2016

for-tawny2I am 12 feet tall and I love taking men that are like 5 feet tall and doing filthy things. I would have them to fist my tight ass while eating my wet pussy and then I would take him and put him back in
his cage! This tiny human is my pet, I treat him as such and you don’t want to know what he gets if is in trouble! So it’s better for him to just be the obedient little dog that he is! But currently, I am in
the mood to look for maybe 2 more tiny little men. Do you know of any? OH, so you’re telling me that you’re in fact a tiny man yourself are you? Wonderful now do you know of any friends that are maybe a tad bit
taller? Really good now I want you to tell me how big your cock is? Hahahaha you are proud of that?? 10 inches? Really do you think that tiny thing can please me? How funny is that? Now how about your friends is it bigger than yours?  or smaller? Good and now tell me would you like to come have fun with me? Sure you do now come on over with your friend around 9! Great see you guys then. When 9 comes around I hear a knock on my door and I open it and invite them in and take them and show them around. I holler for my pet to come and meet his new playmates. Wanna know what happens next?
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