Caught Inside Of My Colossal Cunt
November 22, 2020
Aunt Brenda’s Giantess Niece Reagan
April 3, 2021


I can never forget the way we met, which was having giantess phone sex and I could not wait to see you and teach you how you ought to be with me and the role that you play in my life. I am a giantess goddess and I will make sure that you worship my huge body which is what you were designed to do.  My beautiful large body is the things that giantess queens are made of and that is exactly who I am.  My giantess breasts are massive pillows that you will want to lay on and enjoy.  My beautiful giantess pussy is always so creamy and wet and it is here for you to explore.

You are a little tiny man and I can fit you in the palm of my hand and that it where I will hold you when I have to put you in my mouth and squish you around like a toothpick.  Stand on my giantess tongue and let me suck your entire puny body and taste you to find out what flavor you are.  I will be sure to open my huge mouth to make sure that you can breathe because I want to make sure that nothing happens to you.

And when you have been slobbered on and your entire body is wet, that is when I will take you and placed you in my asshole so you can feel what it feels like to be inside of my huge ass.  I will push you in and use you like a human dildo, it is just that it will be all of you inside because you are a tiny little man and you will be my ass stick.  You feel so good in there because your are wiggling around and it makes my asshole feel so nice.

I don’t want you to stop so I will tense up my giantess asshole muscles to make sure that you are trapped inside of my giantess ass.  I feel your hands or legs, it is something that is trying to push open my giantess asshole and it is tickling me.  Since I don’t know what it is I am going to push with all of my might to shit you out of me.

Aww, there you are – you are so dirty now.  My giant asshole has pushed you out of me and you need to ne cleaned so that it what I will so. I will piss on you to clean you with my giantess pussy and you will be sparkling clean. Now you look so beautiful with all of my piss all over you and you smell great as well because you are literally wearing my giantess pissy cunt scent and it is wonderful.

I don’t know why you look so sad when you should be glad but I think it is time for me to wash you off and make you feel better.  As I capture some water in the palm of my hand I want you too swim in it so you can bathe freely as I watch you splash all around. And when you are done and have tired yourself, I will dry you off and place you between my giantess breasts so you can worship me.



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