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Scat Punishment For Naughty Boy
November 22, 2020
Giantess Ass
Trapping You Inside Of My Giantess Asshole
March 29, 2021


GiantessI am laughing so much at you because you are caught inside of my colossal cunt and there is absolutely nothing at all that you can do about it.  You did not even expect what I had planned and you foolishly fell so quickly for my trap.  I told you that I have a surprise for you and it is hidden in a secret spot.  You tried to check in my ears and there was nothing there.  Then after that you ventured into my nose and looked inside of my nostrils and you found nothing there.  You attempted to look underneath my armpits – both of them and to no avail you found nothing.  You went between my breasts and looked underneath them and found some sweat, but that was it as there was nothing else there for you to find.  Then as you watched my giantess crotch area, I slowly disrobed and removed my panty to reveal my sweet and tasty colossal cunt and your eyes just opened wide with such amazement.  “Wow, what a super giant pussy” is what you said and you were mesmerized by the hair, the color the scent and as a moth is drawn to a flame you go closer and closer to it and my pussy lips just hang and wait for you to enter.  You walk over slowly to it and I gently take my hand and take my thumb and my pointy finger and I pick you up and assist you to my giant pussy’s entrance and you follow suit.  I then use your body as if it was a tampon and I push you inside of me and you struggle and you kick and you scream and I decide that I am going to leave you in there for a little while longer.  I then start mushing you around in a circle and your face, head, shoulders, body and legs are all trapped in paradise which is between my beautiful giant pussy.  You are such a tiny man and now you are trapped and there is absolutely no where else for you to go.  I decide where you will go and I make sure that my cunt is the destination.  As your gasp for air,  every time that you open your mouth you end up swallowing more and more giant pussy juices and you swallow it down as if it were soup. I then tell you – “drink up your soup, darling – it is very nourishing for your little tiny man body.  My humungous pussy will provide all of the nutrients that you need.  All of the daily vitamins and minerals and omega 3 fatty acids are in the liquid of my cunt so it will do you best to be a good shrunken man and drink it all up. Ahh that is how I like it, just like that.”  And just when I am am about to cum – I decide to have some consideration and allow for you to craw out of my colossal pussy and you did.



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