Giantess Ass
Trapping You Inside Of My Giantess Asshole
March 29, 2021
You will be my human dildo slave
April 12, 2021

GiantessMy niece Reagan is a big, beautiful and bodacious blonde giantess. She loves to take her baths in the city river in order to show off her giantess ass and her giantess pussy to the world. Her giantess ass is so pretty and when it gets wet by the splashes of the river and her pussy is so wide and exposed for all to see. Every now and then when a boat would pass by she would pick it up with her hand and put the tiny boat in her giantess pussy.

She would push it in and out of her cunt repeatedly while the boat’s engine would hum in and out of her like a tiny little vibrator.  The passengers of the boat would be soaking wet with her sweet giantess pussy juices.  They would all be thrown out of the boat and when they landed in her huge pussy they would be trapped in her sticky and milk cunt juices.  You would see a tiny man or two stuck inside of her and they were totally drenched with her pussy juices.

They would swim around in there and her sweet giantess pussy lips would contract and keep them in there.  Every now and then the tiny men would stick their heads out and gasp for air and then they would go right back into her.  They would be inhabitants of her giantess pussy and though they feel captured they did not want to necessarily escape her pussy as they considered it sweet paradise. She loved every but of it as they also tickled her giantess pussy every time they went in and out of her.  And when she was ready to push them out of her she squeezed her cunt in a way that made the sticky men drain out of her and fall into the river.

She would also take her hands and dip them into the river and take her palms and fill them with river water and wash her giantess breasts with it.  Her giantess mammary orbs would glisten and shine for the world to see under the rays of the sun.  My sweet niece Reagan is so confident, erotic and sexy. I anticipate the say that she and I would share the pleasure of giantess phone sex so I could experience her on a phone call sexually before I experience her in person.

For now I will just imagine what it is like to taste her sweet juices when I walk into her pussy when she sleeps and make myself so comfortable inside of her warm and inviting cunt. I will make sure to open my mouth wide while I lay on the floor of her vaginal walls.  The feeling of being enveloped by her soft and wet giantess pussy, makes it all worthwhile. And when she picks me up and places me on her giantess tits, I will start by first feasting on her sweet nipples as I lay on them like they were soft clouds on a sunshiny day.



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