Giantess Crissy
June 23, 2016
Giantess Ava
June 25, 2016


Sometimes I like to to day dream, that I had a tiny man Slave to keep to worship and use for my  special needs. To train him the way I want him to be. I would humiliate him and dominate him! I would keep him in my panties, let him smell the deliciousness of them! Or, I Would reward him by sliding him up in my sweet wet pussy. Or I might let him walk around in there. Or tease him to the point of him ejaculating  right there in his pants. I also would get another slave to use a tiny man Dildo. I would place him in my ass! Oh!! then I would have 2 tiny man slaves ! ohh! The dirty thoughts I have What a fantasy, how much fun would that be ?? I am getting all wet just thinking about it now! You should call me for some Giantess Phone Sex !



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