Shrinking Phone Sex
April 28, 2016
Day Dreams
June 24, 2016

giantess phone sex girl

I’m in the mood for a little giantess phone sex so I thought I would go ahead and tell all of you how I myself became a giantess for the first time. Now this wasn’t a permanent thing, thank god for me because I would definitely not be able to live a day to day life as a giantess, no this happened after my boyfriend bought a gag gift online that’s supposed to make anything you put it on grow bigger in size. We got in a fight and I basically told him to pour it on his dick so he could satisfy me. He ended up sleeping in the living room and just for the hell of it I grabbed the potion out of the trash and I dumped it all over me. Next thing I know I nearly tripled my height of 5’11 and now I’m a queen at giant girl phone sex.



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