Day Dreams
June 24, 2016
Giantess Candy
June 27, 2016

giantess ava

I’m about to share with you guys the story of how I made my boyfriend my next victim towards my shrinking phone sex addiction. Well let’s start at the beginning. My boyfriend wasn’t very much of a man to begin with. He averaged at about 5’0 which could never rival my 5’11. So I had been reading on an online forum a few people had put together and they ere all discussing this new shrinking potion that actually worked for them! So I let my curiosity get the best of me and ended up ordering the potion online. It got here a few days later and I knew exactly what and who I was going to use it on. My loser boyfriend! I slipped some in his beer and next thing you know he’s drinking it and shrinking so small he was a ken doll when he stopped. This giantess phone sex girl has found her new toy.



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