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Big Beautiful Giantess Goddess
July 8, 2019
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Giantess Panty Kink
August 27, 2019

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Timothy’s neck was already aching from the pressure that he was putting on it, but he ignored it to push his face even further between the ass cheeks of the gorgeous giantess that was allowing him to please her. His face was squeezed so close to her asshole that he could barely breath, and what he could take in smelled of nothing but her hot skin and her puckered asshole. He pressed his mouth against her, slid his tongue inside her tight hole, nibbled on the furled edges. He worked up plenty of spit, practically French kissing her asshole, and it sounded filthy. His renewed efforts must have felt good, because she worked her ass back some more, and it worked to push his tongue even further inside her, so he could drag against the walls, then straightening it out to fuck her ass. Fantasizing about tonguing my ass the same way, to show me how much you love ass worship? Call for giantess ass worship phone sex to tell me all the dirty details!

Giantess Monica


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