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Sacrificed To A Giantess
June 27, 2019
ass worship, macrophilia, giantism
Worshipping A Giantess
July 8, 2019

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Teeny tiny little men like you are no use to a gorgeous giantess, and I think we both know that by now. Giantess roleplays are some of my favorite, and I will help you understand why that is… For starters, there is just something so sexy about envisioning myself towing hundreds of feet above even the tallest skyscraper. Wearing a pair of sexy high heels will only add to my impressive height. Getting attention was not difficult for me before, but now that my dream of standing high above all of the hustle and bustle of the tiny city below me has come true, all eyes are on me! MILF sex is something that these pathetic little men can only dream about, but a goddess like me is untouchable by men unless I deem them worthy of my attention. When I bend down and scan the crowd, I happen to reach down and pluck you up. What a treat! I dangle you in front of my face, watching you scream and struggle. The sheer humiliation on your face at being handled like little more than a tiny bug brings me such joy! I cannot help but laugh at you, the thundering sound whipping past you and temporarily deafening you, no doubt. On the outside you are showing nothing but sheer panic. But what is this… I see that insignificant little pecker of yours prodding at your pants from the inside. I just knew you liked being treated like the useless thing you are! You are lucky that a giantess goddess like me even gave you the time of day or a second thought, let alone actually picked you up and decided to play with you. I might have to save you for later. There is plenty of room right between my enormous breasts, and it is nice and snug in there. I will be sure not to lose you while I get you home and think up the other places I could put you…
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