Teeny Little Tiny Man
July 14, 2020
Worship this Giantess Ass
August 30, 2020

giant ladyFemale domination is the basis of our relationship.  I am the one that is in charge of you.  I decide when you eat, you sleep, you piss, you shit and you fuck. You will do as I say and that is final. I will sit on your giant face and you will eat my giant ass. Take your tongue out and circle it around my giant puckered asshole.  Stick it in and out and lick my giant asshole as if it were a lollipop. Taste it as I take pleasure of farting in your face while you do it.  Body worship of my giant curvaceous frame is what you are here for, so continue to take a deep breathe and smell my fart. You will savor it and it will be your perfume. Now I am going to take my hands and mush your giant face into my giant ass.  I am going to sit on you and trap you up under my giant thighs and squeeze them together to keep you trapped between my giant legs. You will see my ass and you will worship it by admiring it in your view.  Now take your tongue and lick my giant pussy, taste it and savor it and suck out all of the giant woman juices.  My pussy is so sweet and delicious and you have to consider it a real treat to suck on my tasteful giant pussy.  Lick my hard clit and take your tongue and mouth and wrap them around my clit and suck it like if you are sucking on a tiny cock.



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