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Wife Turned Giantess!
July 12, 2020
Worship My Body As I Fart In Your Face and Make You Do You Oral On Me
August 25, 2020

I have been getting bored as of late. I find myself thinking of something… anything fun that I can get into to pass the time and get me excited about things again. I came up with the perfect idea. It is no secret that I am a sexy giantess, and that there is a world ripe with a tiny man population waiting for a goddess like myself to come along and put them out of their misery with a whole new life! Macrophilia is something that men like these only got to have a taste of in their most wild and naughty dreams and fantasies. Well, today they are getting plucked right up out of their life, quite literally, as I pinch the seat of their tiny little trousers and shove them between my enormous breasts for safe keeping while I continue hunting for new play things. I hear him in my tight cleavage, struggling for air and wriggling around. I can hardly feel him, but the breasts are quite sensitive, so I am aware of his movements. I feel him slow his jerking movements, and splay his limbs out to let the soft cushion of my breasts envelop him with no resistance. He lets out a sigh, then a moan, and I feel soft slow movements again. I take a peek down my shirt, and I see him desperately grinding and bucking his hips against my tits, working his hard on while hot drops of precum seep onto my skin from through his pants. Mmm, I made a great choice with this little man.
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