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September 4, 2016
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September 7, 2016
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The City of Estrellas

giantess sex giantism tiny man shrunken man role play fantasy phone sex milfPeople don’t seem to know about the city of Estrellas. This city is where the most beautiful giantess women are from. They have long beautiful tan legs and very ample boobies. They roam the land in search for small men to make their tiny slaves. They set out traps in the woods to catch the men then bring them back to their city to sell to the rest of the women that lived there. The women use them for everything, making the giantess’ meals and running all the errands. At the end of the day the little men would be rewarded with a nice large warm bed to sleep in. They didn’t know they would be taken advantage of in this bed. Giantess are very sexual creatures. They love to pamper their slaves behind closed doors. Every way they can think of. Call me now for some sex giantess phone sex.



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