Drink My Potion
June 30, 2016
The City of Estrellas
September 5, 2016


So the other day my dad and I was taking a road trip to drop me off and college and we had broke down, so we needed to make a phone call well we walked up to this house and it had Adult baby statues everywhere and we didn’t really give it a second thought so we knocked on the door and this Giantess lady answered and we had explained that we broke down and needed to use the phone to call AAA. Well She said aww what cute Little Adult Babies And took us and bathed us and dressed us in cute little dresses and diapered us! My dad said how embarrassing and then on of the lovely Giantesses took my dad and shoved him in her wet pussy! My dad was so turned on that he said he could live there for ever! As could I. So he started licking and sucking on her rather large pussy lips! Wanna know what happens next? Call me for some Giantess Phone Sex!



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