Giantess Brittney is getting impatient!
August 24, 2015
Giant Mommy
August 26, 2015

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Sometimes being a giantess gets lonely and having a shrunken man to play with sounds like so much fun! Posting a personals ad online, I will invite a man over to come and have some fun with me. When they show up, I will have a note taped to the door telling them to enter and have a seat in the dining room. Once there, they will see a decanter of wine next to another note inviting him to have some while I finish getting ready and then come and meet him for drinks and dinner. Little does he know that I dabble in potions and alchemy and have concocted a little surprise for him waiting in that wine. When he finishes the first glass, he will realize that it was a shrinking potion that made him into a tiny man! At that point, I make my way downstairs and find him sitting on the chair in a frantic state. He knows he is in for a time now!

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