Shrinking Potion
September 11, 2015
My Cock Size Toy Boy
September 13, 2015


I can’t believe what just happened.  My friend and I were walking back from working our ABDL job when two men jumped out from an ally way and tried to rape us.  I took out a special spray that was given to me  from a gypsy woman I had helped the other day.  She told me it would come in handy soon, and boy was she right.  I sprayed both men and to my amazement they started shrinking.  When they were done they both stood about 7 inches tall.  My friend and I picked them up.  We looked at each other with an evil grin. “Now who is going to get raped?”  Both men shook, they were terrified.  They knew they were in trouble.  Oh the things we were going to do with these naughty men.  My ass has been hungering for some action and tonight it was going to get it.  They squirmed and wriggled, we laughed.  Time to get yours tiny men.



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