Giantess Allie Play With Her Tiny Little Shrunken Man
October 30, 2021
How You Became My Sex Toy
January 24, 2022




giantess sex

If you are a little puny man you will have to be pushed inside of me, you will stay in there. I will mush you around and you will be a part of my sweet cunt juices. You may have to put on scuba gear so that you won’t drown in there. Let me see your face and let me see you squirm and beg to go on there.  Let me see your shoulders so that they could disappear inside of there.  Let me see your feet so that you could swim in there like a fish, a little guppy – a little goldfish and you will remain in there so that you can know that you belong in there, because I will make you live in there.

I will walk around the city and the town and make you stay in there and not come out and I will feel you moving around in there over and over again and I will make sure that you stay in there.  When I have to take a piss I will make sure to take my giantess finger and push it inside of my cunt and make sure that you do not fall out from my giantess pussy, as if you do I will make sure that you stay in there.

You will have to hold on for dear life to my sweet pussy lips and drink from the sweet nectar.  You like it as I know that you would as that is the best meal that you have ever had in your entire life.  Giantess pussy is the very best pussy on the planet because it is soft, warm, slimy and huge.

It is almost a house cause it keeps on giving and you can live, eat, breathe and sleep in there. There will be no war and there will be no pain as this pussy is not huge and giant in vain, it is the pussy that makes the world go around and I want you to worship it as much as you can.

Every little puny man in the world will be stuffed inside of me and that is the place that I will keep them and when I am good and ready I will also make sure that I push them inside of my asshole too and if there happens to be poop in there then that is just what you will have to deal with.  There is nothing on my body or inside of my body that is to be looked down on especially that it is a body that is a giantess body and it is something that you will have to look up to.

Now go ahead and call to speak to me right now so that I can stuff you inside of me right away because that is where you belong if you are a little, tiny and puny man so be proud that I chose you to go in there and enjoy every single second of being in my sweet cunt hole. I am a femdom giantess, a goddess vore and you need giantess phone sex with me now – I am Giantess Mercy!

Giantess Mercy


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