I’ll Use You To Satisfy Myself
August 28, 2021
Little Puny Men Will Have To Be Pushed Inside Of Giantess Mercy
January 9, 2022


There are a lot of shrunken men out there who would like to pretend and not admit that they have a giantess fetish in which they want to be with a giantess and enjoy giantess vore. Whether they are ashamed to admit it because they believe that someone will make fun of them or they may feel embarrassed or ashamed, no one really knows why they feel the need to keep this sort of fetish a secret.  As a giantess, I absolutely love to play with shrunken men because I am so much bigger and they are so tiny and minute.

I like to stuff them inside of me and see them struggle to crawl out, they usually have so much difficulty because my vaginal secretions are so thick and glutinous that they really don’t make it very far.  They will get slobbered in my sweet cunt juices and they would try to swim out and that would be pointless. I would simply use him as a tampon and his entire body would be slobbered and stuffed inside me. I have to make sure to times things right and not keep any little on of my shrunken men in there too long because they could suffocate and that would not be good because my mouth will be too big to attempt to resuscitate them.

At the moment I am masturbating with one of my tiny men, I continue to rub his body all over my clitoris as if he were a little tiny dildo and it feels really good the way that he moves around. It is as though he knows that he belongs buried in my sweet twat. The more that I use him as my personal masturbatory tool the more I know that I don’t want to stop.  The feeling is so fantastic that it makes my nipples on my tits stand up at attention.  I make sure to keep one hand pinching one of my erect nipples while my other hand manipulates him inside and outside of my cunt. A tiny man is so easy to control and the powerless of him turns me on so much.

The control and the power that I have using a human being at my disposal, to tease and do with him as I please is so exciting.  I want to keep doing this type of thing for the rest of my life and I will make sure that I do this as often as possible. I love having the ability to use a tiny man as my tool and this is what I will continue to do.  When it becomes hard to find a tiny man I will male sure to go on a special hunting spree to find one and though it may seem like I am searching for a needle in a haystack, I won’t ever give up.  I know that a tiny man belongs in me and that is what will always be. If you are a tiny man – you need to call me as soon as possible so I won’t have to wait until I stuff you inside of me.

Giantess Allie


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