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April 17, 2021
Giantess Allie Play With Her Tiny Little Shrunken Man
October 30, 2021




I have so many abdl stories that I could share with you.  Stories that would make you wish you were an adult baby with a loving mommy. You will be shrunk down to be smaller than a baby, but a diapered baby you won’t be.  Instead I’m going to make you my little baby dolls so I can fuck myself with all of you.

I will use your tiny bodies to fill me, to stretch my pussy and ass, to make me cum over and over again.  You will now be my new fuck toys.  For me to use however I so choose.  From this day forward, you are mine!  Does that sound like something you would enjoy?

At you can enjoy and experience any and all fetishes.  There is no ending to the kinky possibilities out there for you to crave and desire.  You can dive deep into your imagination and bring out your inner freak.  Don’t be shy, all fetishes are welcome and there is no judgement.

Do you have a diaper fetish?  Do you have a freaky fetish that you are dying to share with someone?  Then you need someone like me… I am Bree and I love everything, the kinkier the better.  Call me and let me savor your naughty side.  Show me how wild you are.

I would love to hear all your fantasies, share with me your diaper stories, your naughty dreams, your darkest desires.  Let me play with you.  Let me take very good care of you and be everything you like.  Everything you need, everything you deserve.  Everything and more.

There’s nothing more freeing then no taboo phone sex.  The freedom to talk about anything you wish.  To be able to experience any role play situation with no repercussions.  The ability to be able to escape into an alter dimension of your naughtiest thoughts and desires.  There is nothing better.

A giant pussy and teeny tiny little you, that’s a big job for someone your size to handle.  But no worries about your little puny weenie not being able to do anything for this gigantic pussy… I will make sure you satisfy me.  I’ll slide your whole body up and down between my swollen pussy lips, before shoving you deep inside my saturated cunt.

I’ll use you like one of my dildos, in and out until I squirt all over you, practically drowning you in my juices.  Close your eyes and hold you breath, and get ready for the best sex you will ever have.  And probably the only sex you will ever want to have, ever again.

You’re the perfect size for me to use.  You will fit right between my big heavy breasts, you will slide easily into my insatiable mouth, and you will fill and stretch my pussy and ass, causing me to explode in orgasmic bliss.  And for doing such a good job, I will wrap my lips around your body and suck you dry of all your sticky yummy cum.

Giantess Bree


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