Small Penis Humiliation
April 17, 2020
giantess worship, giantess kink
My Little Man Dildo
June 4, 2020


I’ll push you in my giantess cunt and keep you in there
And every single minute you will come out for air
I want you in there like a human tampon
Pushing you in and out really turns me on
My pussy is so warm and also so wet
Putting you in there is as good as it gets
When I am ready to make you come out
I’ll open my lips and put you inside my mouth
I will lick my own cunt juices off of your body
And trap you between my teeth if you are naughty
You won’t escape, you shrunken man
Even if you scream as loud as you can
If you cry out for help, I’ll have you trapped
Just like a little mouse caught in a trap
When it’s time for humiliation, I’ll spit you out
I’ll put you in my ass then I’ll shit you out
You’ll swim for dear life in the huge toilet bowl
Surrounded by poop in the shit hole
I’ll reach my hand in and take you out
Wash you with water and soap without a doubt
Then when you are all nice and clean
You’ll join me in the bathtub for a body worship scene
I’ll use your body to wash up my tits
Then dunk you below the bathtub to wash my cunt lips
After the bath I’ll take you into my bed
And put you on my breast when I lay down my head



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