Everyday Activities with Cock Sized Men
September 27, 2015
So small you are
April 14, 2016



Today while I was bored and sitting on my bed, I was thinking about how much fun it would be to have giantess sex with two small men. I want you to be tiny and tremble at my feet when I reach down to pick you up.  I want to do all sorts of dirty and nasty things to you.  First I will pick you up and spread my legs wide open to use you as my tiny human dildo plunging you in and out of my sopping wet pussy.  I think your friend I will dip in baby oil and stick him right up my ass.  What a great sensation that will be for me and oh the pleasure I will get from it.  When I cum it will be just like you taking a bath in my sweet, wet and warm juices.  Wow!  Just thinking about this gets me so wet and excited.  I need you to call me NOW for some giantess fetish phone sex!! Click here to meet the other Giantesses


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