Finding a Sissy to Satisfy a Horny Giantess
October 4, 2020
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Scat Punishment For Naughty Boy
November 22, 2020

If there is one thing that this little world is just chock full of, it is a whole slough of tiny men to capture and torture for my own pleasure and amusement. My absolute favorite “flavor” of tiny man is the type who has never even seen a giantess like me before to know that we exist at all. The look of pure surprise that plasters their little faces when I scoop them up out of their bed in the middle of the night to carry them off to my secret hide out of pain and pleasure. When we get inside and I carelessly drop them onto the soft padded floors of the dungeon, I can rarely help but laugh out loud at their obvious confusion, fear, and unintentional arousal. I can smell it on them, and even see it in the form of the tiniest little stiffy prodding at the front of their pants. So pathetic, but I can’t help but want to torture them and show them true humiliation during our time together. I have found that when a teeny tiny little man, especially one who is new and untouched by any other giantess goddess, takes their first look at me, their jaws drop and their micro dicks start throbbing at the sight of my huge tight pussy standing over them. First I want to see just how tiny that dick is, so I command that shaking and terrified little man to strip down unless he wants me to use my giant fingers to tear those clothes off of him without being gentle at all. Many men have lost their heads choosing to take that route since I am obviously much bigger and stronger than these pathetic little humans are, so even when I make an attempt to be gentle, it can go wrong, so I leave the choice up to my new pets. Hopefully they will make the right choice and strip down like I told them to so that we can move on to the embarrassment all over their face when they see me laughing myself to tears looking at that itty bitty teeny tiny little cock getting harder by the second from in between their legs. They usually start to shake and sweat now, but their dicks betray them and show their obvious arousal and excitement to see just what it might be that I have in store for them. I pick them up and press them up against my sweet pussy, rubbing them around my giant clit and my pussy lips so that my new tiny man gets nice and slick from my wet pussy. Only when he is nice and lubed up will I start to insert him up inside of my tight wet pussy. This is my favorite part, getting to feel them wiggle around and their tiny little dick hard and grinding against my walls.

Giantess Siren
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