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Swallowed Whole By A Sexy Giantess
August 31, 2020
Giantess Goddess to Humiliate Tiny Man
October 11, 2020

When I started growing, I was still enjoying being submissive during sex. Once I grew to be ten feet tall, this no longer pleased me. I am a goddess that deserves to be worshipped and unchallenged. Do you dare to argue with me? I’m big and strong enough to force sissification on you. Being a big MILF has its advantages. You can’t ignore me. You can’t stop me. It’s in your best interest to submit to me. Be a devout worshipper at the Church of Crissy.

I hope you know, pleasing me will be no easy task. Your tiny cock doesn’t look like it could please a normal sized woman, much less a giantess, like myself. Don’t worry, I know just how to make use of you. Why don’t we start out with some foot worship ? Kiss and lick my toes while I moan in pleasure.

Next, I want you to lick my pussy. It’s just as tall as you are. You’ve certainly got your work cut out for you. This gives me an idea. I’ve figured out how to finally be sexually satisfied as a giantess. Since you’re my slave/devout follower, I’m sure you won’t mind.

You’re the perfect size to be my living sex toy. I’ll be gentle. I’m naked in a swimming pool I’ve had converted into a bathtub. My huge shaved pussy is clearly exciting you. I see your unimpressive erection and stifle a laugh. Don’t worry. You’re going to be very useful. I pick you up in my hand as easily as you might pick up a remote control. I give you a smile and a wink.

With surprisingly adroit fingers, I remove your clothes. I run my index finger down the length of your body. First things first. I pick you up and begin to lick you like an ice cream cone. You’ll need to be nice and lubricated for what I have in mind. The feeling of my tongue on your stiff cock is like nothing you’ve ever felt. It’s beyond pleasurable.

I spread my pussy with one hand and begin to insert you with the other. I put you inside myself, feet first. I work you in further until you’re up to your waist in Crissy. You’re doing such a good job, rubbing my g-spot from the inside. You feel me get more and more wet. You’re covered in my come. I’ve got you all the way up to your neck. Your entire body is going in and out of my vagina.

I position you so that you can reach my gigantic clit. I’m getting close to orgasm. You are holding back as best you can. I begin to shake and my moans echo loud enough to cause birds to fly from their trees in terror. You are drenched in my juices. When you ask for permission to ejaculate, I tell you to hold it for just a moment. I put you in my mouth for you to have your release and give a new definition to the idea of swallowing.

XoXo Crissy


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