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Sex With A Gorgeous Giantess
June 7, 2019
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Sacrificed To A Giantess
June 27, 2019
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What would you do to have me swallow you whole? Is your vore fetish so strong that you would beg me to… or even better, would you scream while I do it? You could struggle all you like if it makes you feel better, but it won’t make a difference to me. I may smile at your yelling and your flailing (it will be kind of cute!) all while I place you in my mouth, resting you on my tongue for just a bit.  I’m going to close my mouth, putting you in the dark, knowing that this is only a reprieve, your whole body shaking in anticipation of feeling my tongue move underneath you, shifting you to the back of my throat to swallow whole! I want to feel you struggling as my throat closes around, the muscles pushing you further down towards my stomach. Ready to talk about your giantess kink? Call me for your giantess phone sex.

Giantess Connie


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