Giantess Phone Sex With Ms. Ava
August 8, 2015
Be Aroused, Be Very Aroused
August 15, 2015

giantess phone sex

When you wake up you won’t know that you been shrunken down to the size of a plastic army man toy. You don’t know where you are or how you got here. Your body feels weird and aches. All you can remember is you met a hot blonde the night before, and she bought you a drink. You rub your eyes and try to focus, something must be wrong with your vision, why does everything looks so BIG? You look around the room and realize your laying on a big bed…a VERY BIG bed, you role over and your stopped by the biggest breast and nipple you have ever seen. This must be the blonde you met last night. What the hell happened? The last thing you remember is sipping having a drink and flirting. Could she have put something in your drink? She looks like a Giantess lying next to you, her 36dd tits that you listed after last night are now the size of beach balls.

It suddenly dawns on you if she rolls over, you will be trampled by my giantess tits!

giantess candy

bdsm mommy

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