Blonde Giantess Candy
August 12, 2015
Dominant Giantess Mistress Ava
August 23, 2015

Lizabeth naked

I love having these witchy powers and with them I often shrink men down to size. Yes, they get shrunk to the erect size of their penis. I’ve seen men shrink to a foot tall or as small as 4 inches. I personally love the ones that go down to around 7 inches or so.

You see this witch has a tight little pussy and yes, little man, you will be inside it. You will be responsible for getting me off again and again or I’ll never reverse the spell. Your little hands are the perfect size to tickle my clit. I’ll carry you around between my big breasts when you get too tired to make me cum again.

A day and night have passed but I’m not done with yet. I’ll keep you in my panties when I head out to shop. I want you to make me cum while I’m out.

Mmmm it’s so much fun having a dildo sized man. I may never let you return to normal.

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