Giantess Revenge
September 6, 2015
Fantasy Becomes Reality Part Two
September 7, 2015


“Hmmm who shall I choose today.”  Being a giantess with a cage full of tiny men is the most amazing feeling ever.  I always have a toy to play with.  I peer into the cage, the little men scurry to the back of the cage.  They know what I am going to do with them.  They are all afraid, and well they should be as I am the master and they are just my sex toys.  They range in size from 4 to 12 inches and all have there special talents.

“I think I will choose you.”  I reach in and grab a 7 inch man with blonde hair and blue eyes.  He has always been my favorite.  He knows this.  I place him in between my thighs and tell him to make me cum.  He goes to work with his amazing hands, massaging my giant clit.  I moan and squirm. I cum hard gushing everywhere.  Blondy is covered head to toe in my cum.  I sigh and lift him to my breasts, we both fall asleep satisfied.

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