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Giantess Toilet Punishment
November 23, 2019
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Playing With Giantess Tranny Cock
December 19, 2019

When it comes to knowing just what a tiny man like you wants to do to a giantess goddess like me, it takes mere seconds of looking down at you from all the way up here. You practically start to drool the moment that you catch sight of me going to take a seat on the stool and start to take off my shoes, or even put them on! Either way, it does not take much more than the simple sight of my big beautiful feet to have you getting a stiffy in your little pants. I almost need a magnifying glass to see that pathetic little thing poking out from behind your pants, but the fact that I can see you standing there tugging on it as fast as you can when I slowly strap my sandals on certainly helps! Your little prick is practically squirting already when I point to you from where I sit towering above you and demand that you come to me and get on your knees and start licking and sucking on my toes with that teeny little mouth of yours. You know what trouble and punishment there is to come if I catch you half-assing it, so you make sure to get right in between my toes, admiring the shining polish on them as you desperately work your mouth across my feet. Wriggling up between my toes barely tickles for me, but I know that the arousal that comes from the humiliation of grinding your dick against my toes while you are trapped between them is almost too much for you to handle. Not many men are as lucky as you… There are few beautiful giantess women who would take the time to give a little man like you a second glance, let alone have you act as her personal foot slave. You had better keep showing me just how lucky you know you are to be here!
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