Cursed Tiny Man
November 14, 2016
I Shrunk My Boyfriend
November 15, 2016


Why do short girls always get called cute? I think tall ones are hotter and much needed for some giantess phone sex. I’ve always been a tall girl with nice legs but none of the guys want that. They feel intimidated by their partner being taller than them. How selfish is that? So that’s what made me want to become a giantess. I’d slip a drop of a potion into their drink after inviting them over and watch them gradually starting to shrink smaller and smaller, their clothes becoming mountains of fabric threatening to squash them. I made them into my little play things. It’s just like having a barbie that’s come to life! I can do whatever I want with them and there isn’t a single thing any of them can do about it they’re under my control now because they fell victim to my shrinking phone sex plan



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