You will be my human dildo slave
April 12, 2021
I’ll Use You To Satisfy Myself
August 28, 2021




Oh it’s so hard to find something that fills my giantess pussy and makes me cum over and over.  Being so big makes it hard to find anyone with the right size equipment to make this girl orgasm endlessly.  If only there was a way to be satisfied so completely that it drains me of ever last ounce of strength and leaves me in a very wet puddle of my own pussy juices…

The size your are now is too little to please me.  And your body as a whole is too big for me to enjoy the way I would like.  I remember about an item I bought one day at a local antique shop, the shop keeper said it was an extraordinary find.  That in the right hands at the right time, a much needed wish would happen.

As you walked into the room, I squeezed my hands tightly and closed my eyes and made a wish straight from my aching pussy.  I heard a gasp and opened my eyes to see you shrinking and your clothes falling in a pile at your feet.  I couldn’t believe it, my wish had came true.  You were now the perfect size!

Instead of just barely fitting between my thighs, I could now use your whole body to fuck my pussy.  At the realization, my giantess ass clenched and my pussy started to gush, getting wetter and wetter.  I was almost drooling with excitement and anticipation as I reached out, picking you up in my hands.

You squirmed and wiggled as the shock of what had just happened began to wear off, and you realized you were now being picked up in two very large hands.  With panic in your eyes, you saw in which direction you were heading.  I leaned back and spread my thighs, revealing a very wet, very pink pussy.  As your eyes widened, I first rubbed your feet and toes on my throbbing clit.  I warned you to close your eyes, that things were about to get extremely wet.

You managed to close your eyes and take a deep breath just as I plunged you deep into my pussy.  I started to squirt as soon as your body penetrated mine.  I began shoving you in and pulling you out faster and faster.  My legs started to shake as I arched my back and bit my lip.  With a force like no other, I exploded so violently that I pushed you out of my drenched pussy with a plop.

Oh my!  I picked you up and exclaimed how I would definitely be making that wish again.  You were covered in my creamy pussy juices, wiping your eyes as you gasped for air.  Mmmm by the looks of that little cock, you liked being my little fuck toy.  I bring you to my mouth and start to lick you clean, paying special attention to that little prick.

With a shudder and shout, you cum so hard your toes curl.  For more giantess phone sex adventures, give Candy a call.



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