So small you are
April 14, 2016
Tiny Sex Slave
April 21, 2016

giantess sex goddess body worship humiliation tiny man shrunken man insertion vore fetish phone sex mommy milf taboo role playEven the sexiest, happiest, busiest abdl mommy has those types of nights in which we lie awake in bed and stare at the ceiling, pondering on what could possibly satisfy this strange emptiness we are feeling… It is during those times that I refuse to get down and out. Never let those feelings win. Instead, I reach over and pull open my bedside drawer. Fingers fumbling in the dark, I wrap them around my favorite sex toy. I bite my lip and feel my pussy come to life at just the mere thought of sliding the little thing up and inside of me. I hold it in front of my face and smile at the tiny man dangling in between my fingers. I pop him into my mouth and roll him around, covering every inch of him in my saliva. He needs to be properly lubricated before I slide him inside to satisfy this giantess in the best way.




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abdl mommy milf phone sex role play taboo fetish giantess goddess role play giantism

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