giantess worship, giantess kink
My Little Man Dildo
June 4, 2020
giantess worship, giantess kink
Wife Turned Giantess!
July 12, 2020

Michael didn’t really believe Allie when she told him that she grew bigger whenever she was extremely turned on, though he wanted too! He had such a giantess kink that something like this would be fantastic! He’d gone home with her, thinking maybe she was just into roleplay a little too much, but he might still have a good time. She was already taller than him, and plump in all the right places, so it wouldn’t be hard to play along. Now here he was, on his back and wriggling like a worm on a hook with Allie on top of him, heavy enough that his struggles didn’t even get her to budge an inch! She just laughed at him since his squirming hadn’t done a thing to calm down his hard cock. Allie tucked it in between her pussy lips and sliding back and forth showed him that a giant woman could make him come harder than any regular size female! Sound like your kind of fetish? Call me for some giantess phone sex so we can have some fun.

Giantess Allie


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