Island of Tiny Men
September 24, 2015
Shrinking to the Perfect Size
September 27, 2015
197421 - barefoot blonde city collage destruction giantess kneeling looking_at_viewer mega_giantess shadester waterfrontToday I get to clean out my husbands home. What a surprise it will be for him when he realizes I have a brand new room mate for him today. Yes it seems like the little fish tank I’ve supplied him is turning out to be the perfect home. Now I’m going to move in another little loser lover of mine I picked up on the street. It’s going to be so funny watching them brawl and fight over their giantess. I’m tempted to bring back a couple more and fill the whole tank up with shrunken men. That would be just amazing. I’d get to watch them struggle and crawl all over me trying to pleasure different parts of my body. Just rubbing my clit is a two maybe three person work out alone if you’re that small! I can’t wait to see what they come up with as far as penetrating me goes. As if they could even pull that off!
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