Giantess sex
September 7, 2016
My Jealous Boyfriend
September 11, 2016


Dam baby did you get shorter? No o don’t think you’ve gotten shorter I think I’ve gotten taller! I guess those giantess phone sex vitamins I’ve been taking have really been doing their job! You know how much I’ve wanted to take charge while we’re fucking and you would always overpower me because you’re the man? Well that isn’t going to happen anymore! From this day forward you are to bow to me as your giantess phone sex queen and do whatever it is I ask of you. You’re going to be my little sexual space worker from now on that dick of yours is too tiny to put in me now! You’re just going to have to use your whole body! Crawl through my pussy like a tunnel baby and claim your prize! You know you want a shrinking phone sex babe like me!



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