Giantess Liz
June 27, 2016
Drink My Potion
June 30, 2016


I’ve have been developing an extreme addiction to giantess phone sex.  The thought of having a tiny sex slave worshiping my body, climbing up and down my curves, caressing me with their whole being.  Training a man to be shrunk down into my personal toy, to be used as I see fit.  A man to dominate totally, completely, a wonderful perfect man to treat my body like a temple.  I direct him to crawl down into my panties as he used his tiny hands on my clitoris, stimulating me, pleasuring me totally and completely.  I tell him to move on to the second phase, when he looks down and climbs into my giantess pussy fully submerging his body.  I can feel him inside me pushing against me doing exactly as I taught him so that he can fully please his giantess mistress.  My tiny shrunken sex slave has been trained.



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