Tiny Sex Slave
April 21, 2016
Shrinking Phone Sex
April 28, 2016

giantess phone sex

I think I want to talk a little bit about giantess role play phone sex. Well where do I start? Let’s see, there’s two ways a woman can become a mans giantess. One way is you could take a serum that enlarges the body, therefore making you significantly taller than your male partner. And another way you could go about it is giving him a serum that shrinks him down to about toy sized. Either method is very effective and equally as fun. I personally prefer to shrink my men because navigating around a house after you’ve tried that growing serum is just too much of a pain! Better to shrink your lover down and still be able to move around without bumping into everything! Plus it’s so much fun to keep them in little glass aquariums and watch them run around frantically. Shrinking fantasy phone sex gets me so wet.



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