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Playing With Giantess Tranny Cock
December 19, 2019
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Cumming on Giantess Feet
January 22, 2020

Aww… it must be oh so difficult to be a pathetic tiny man in this big world full of beautiful giantess goddesses… There is really no place for you out here among such supreme beauty and power. You stand barely three inches tall, meaning that that pathetic little cock of yours is likely so small that a giantess goddess like me could not even see it! Good thing we do not have any need for that little thing. In fact, we plan to make you beg like the little sissy bitch that you are! We know that the hard truth is that the humiliation and punishment that we are here to dish out to you is exactly what you have always wanted. A giantess is one thing, but an experienced MILF giantess is something else entirely, and it is surely more than you could have ever dreamed that you would be experiencing! I have no patience for tiny men and your tiny brains. I use you for one thing and one thing only: gaining my own pleasure. One of my favorite ways to get this out of little things like you is to reach down, pluck you up off of the ground, and promptly stuff you nice and snug into my tight little g-string. I will wiggle and wait for you to do what you know that you need to, and make your way to my sweet, juicy pussy and crawl up inside of me until you are given my explicit permission to come out. Trust me, you are going to be in there for a while… You had better get to flailing and wriggling that whole body if you ever expect to please a giantess like me while you are inside of me. Good luck, tiny man!
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