September 27, 2015

Everyday Activities with Cock Sized Men

Mmm I’ve been getting greedy lately and keeping and capturing more and more men to be shrunk to the size of their cock I store them in the most fun places. A few are in my bedside table where I used to keep my vibrators, but I don’t need mechanical devices anymore since learning this magnificent craft. It’s so much fun being a giantess with this power. I keep a few of my cock sized men in the kitchen so when I feel horny while cooking I can really spice it up. I keep my favorite shrunk men on me or better yet in me. mmm I have one in my ass right now as I write this. What a fabulous feeling as he wiggles his legs inside me. Oh I love this. I simply cant get enough of these cock sized men I me. Group sex with shrunken men – is there anything better? Giantess Liz- ¬†888-430-2010
September 27, 2015
shrinking phone sex

Fetish Phone Sex

Candy is the name. And don’t you forget it. I am the first and only stop you need to make for some cheating wife phone sex. You see I have a husband and don’t get me wrong he’s great and all but when it comes to the bedroom I’m always left a little disappointed. He has an okay cock. It’s not really that big but then again it’s not the tiniest i’ve come across either. it’s just enough to get me going but never enough to finish up the job. I think he knows this too. That’s why he’s been traveling a lot more for work. He knows when he comes home I demand satisfaction and he knows he can’t give it to me So while he’s gone I’ve decided I can have all the hot sex I want while he continues to be the poor excuse of a man he is. And what better place to explore my fantasies then with fetish phone sex! Candy 888 430-2010
September 27, 2015
giantess goddess phone sex

Shrinking to the Perfect Size

Men of a regular size are just so boring. When you have seen one, you have seen them all. Being a giantess, that means that really, “regular” sized men are already much smaller than the impressive height that I tower above them from. That being said, the small stature of those tiny men are still not of a size that I am satisfied with. No, I require them to be so tiny, so insignificant, that I could pick them up between two of my fingers and shove them into my pussy to use them as a human dildo if I wanted to! They scream and flail and fight me whenever I do things like that to them, but in all honesty, I am convinced that they actually enjoy it. What man would not want to be stuffed inside the hot, wet pussy of a giantess goddess, after all? The smile on his face when he comes out covered in my juices tell all! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010

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