fetish phone sex

What can I talk about? We are a NO limits & NO taboo company. We want you to explore every fetish you’ve ever dreamed of, so please, don’t hold back.

What about my privacy? Your privacy is of extreme importance to us. Along with being discreetly billed, anything you share with your Fetish girl will remain between the two of you. Unless of course you like to be humiliated *wink*

Can I use my leftover minutes? Unused minutes do not carry over to future calls. If you, ahem, finish, ahem, early, and hang up, your unused minutes will be left as a gift to your Fetish Girl. By the way, as we are experts and VERY good at what we do, the finishing early is not uncommon, and nothing to be embarrassed about. Conversely, feel free to stay and chat after the big show.

Wow you were amazing, this is the best site ever. We know, we know, thank you. We would love if you took a moment to vote for us on PhoneSexCentral, and of course bookmark our page (in that secret folder so you don’t get caught) so you can come back and visit us often.